Evaluation version required:

[size=“16”]Hi all,

Can someone please tell me the links where i could get the evaluation version of the following products:

  1. Natural Object Handler (Migrates Natural components from IBM mainframe to UNIX)
  2. PREDICT Migration Utility (Migration of predict files, User Views)
  3. EntireX (Bi-directional communication Wrapper between Dot Net/JEE and Natural programs )

It will be very helpful for me if someone please let me know the pointers immediately.


  1. If you have a Natural installation, then the Natural Object Handler is included. Logon to library SYSOBJH and run the menu there.
  2. If you have Predict installed, then the migration utility is included in library SYSDICBE
  3. I’m not aware of any evaluation versions for EntireX Communicator. These components you mention form the core of the EntireX Communicator package.

I suggest that you contact your local sales representative to discuss having a trial license for the products you are interested in.