ESB in webMethods7.0

what are the pugins we need to configure for ESB In wM7.0
ESB concept possible in wM7.0?

What is an ESB? What are you attempting to accomplish?


From the webMethods ESB Fact Sheet

“The webMethods Enterprise Service Bus (ESB, formerly Integration Server)…”

So the answer to original questions: there are no “plug-ins” because it is a full-blown product; “ESB concept” is possible

Is that the 3rd or 4th name change? IS was B2B Server. Was there another name before that?

A couple of bullet points from the fact sheet that gave me pause:

“* Fully supports web-service and SOA standards”

Hmm. There are “SOA standards?” Sort of, but not at the technical level where ESB lives.

“* Is interaction style independent (SOA and EDA)”

Neither of these are “interaction styles.” They are architectural styles. But I guess they had to get the hot buzzwords in there somehow. :slight_smile: