Errors occur while entering values into database

I have a problem when i am entering values into the database tables.

I want to transfer an IDOC doc into the database(oracle).I have created a trigger which pushes the IDOC doc to a subcriber service which has a series of insert statements(through adapter services). thus i will be able to push the IDOC to database.

the problem i am facing it that, after i run the service which invokes the trigger, the transaction is shown to occur on the IS server.

these are the series of statements that show that values are entered into the database

for sample

19:19:22 GMT+05:30 [ADA.0001.0103V1] Begin local transaction.
19:19:22 GMT+05:30 [ADA.0001.0104V1] Commit local transaction.
and so on…

But at the end i am also geeting this statement :

2005-12-19 19:19:36 GMT+05:30 [ISS.0098.0035V1] webM IS RequestReplyHandler detected Endpoint Unavailable. Going into a wait state.

and on querying the database i find that none of the transaction are entered in the database.

this is the problem i have been facing since morning…
If anybody can help, i would be glad…