Error while using Notification scripted operation as a Trigg

OS :Windows2000 Server
Server :WebMethods Enterprise Server 5.0.1
Adapter:Enterprise ODBC Adapter 4.1.1
Tool :Enterprise Integrator 4.5.2
Database:MS SQL 2000

I have configured Enterprise ODBC Adapter for SQL server 2000 with user account sa.I have different databases on my SQL server 2000.

In Enterprise Integrator:
I could create Scripted operations for Insert,Update using the ODBC Adapter with database Username as .dbo (eg: Deliver.dbo). These operations works fine while using in my component.

I created a Notification scripted operation for Deletion on a table(eg: DEPT_DETAILS) that should notify on deletion of any rows.

When i use the Delete Notification as a trigger in a component, i am getting error as

“Cannot create trigger on table ‘Deliver.dbo.DEPT_DETAILS’ because you can create a trigger on a table in current database”

I think problem is that trigger is been tried to create on ‘Deliver.dbo.DEPT_DETAILS’ table that does not exist rather my table name is ‘DEPT_DETAILS’.

Any tips from who have come across similar problem or who is using same setup.