Error while tracing - wM 7.1.2


I´m trying to execute a flow imported from wM 6.5.
The problem occours when executing a Branch: BRANCH on ‘/next’
INVOKE clearPipeline
EXIT ‘$loop’

Next is a document that contains a string and a node. If I try $default it works. Any other string or $null I get this:

An error occurred while tracing.
[ITU.0001.0001] An internal error has been encountered.

It works perfectaly on wM 6.5
Any ideas?

Vivian Satie

Not sure if it is something before this - but it would definitely choke on the EXIT ‘$loop’ if this is all your flow does (since there is no loop in the code you have written here). Choose EXIT ‘$parent’.

Now if all this is nested in a loop, that’s different, but then you’ll need to give a larger code sample.

Hi Phil

I found out something very weird.
My process basicaly is:

INVOKE getFile
INVOKE xmlStringToXMLNode
INVOKE getXMLNodeIterator
INVOKE xmlNodeToDocument
BRANCH on ‘/next’
INVOKE clearPipeline
EXIT ‘$parent’

If I change the xml tags of this file that I´m getting on getFile, it works!! It seems to be some kind of bug…

Even though, I do need a solution. I cannot change all xml tags…

Can you elaborate on what changes you’re making?

Hi Reamon,

This way I get the error:

Item 1 100 100.00

This way it works:

Item 1 100 100.00

Bug? No idea what´s happening!

I am not sure if i am on the same page or not but this looks like a known issue in 6.1 not sure about 7.1.2


in your sample XML I notice that first sample has “OrderItemList” as an array but in the second sample it isn’t, am i right on that ? If this is the case then try to populate “documentTypeName” input in your xmlNodeToDocument service.


Software AG confirmed this bug. I’m waiting for the fix.

Thank you
Vivian Satie