Error While Starting MWS:port 8888 is busy

While starting the preview MWS,i am getting the error that port 8888(http) is busy.

What can be done?How can i change the port of MWS

You can change the port of mws by editing the Cluster.xml file located at “\mws\server\default\config”

If the MWS version is 7.1.2 then cluster.xml will be in database, you need get it from database for that got \mws\bin in the Command prompt and enter the command “mws getconfig cluster.xml” then you will find the cluster.xml file in the location “\mws\server\default\config” edit the file to change the port number and then save it and put it back to database using the command “mws putconfig cluster.xml” at the command prompt.



Thanks Vinay for the reply…
But in the development environment that i am using,only client is installed at my machine and the MWS server i am talking about is the my web methods preview server that is available in the designer for testing.

In the installable directory under MWS folder,i dont have any server folder

For the MWS preview server in the Designer, open the launch Configurations of the Preview Server , Go to Arguments Tab there in the VM Arguments section set the port number.