Error While Loading the package after the restart of IS

Hi All,

I have been getting this error when i restart the IS in wM 7.1.

Error registering universal name
relationsRef#urn:webservices/abcd/AAA/1.0, already registered to

and this error too:
Duplicate universalName relationsRef#urn:webservices/abcd/AAA/1.0 registered to a different service, not this service Unregister failed.

I have created the provider service using the WSDL. And created a consumer service out of this.

Can any one please let me know why this error occurs ? and help me to resolve this ? :frowning:

r u seeing this in a clustered environment?

Hi leonlee,

Thanks for the concern. But, this is not in a clustered environment.

But I came to know that this is one of the web Methods Defect for which they have provided the fix PIE-6314 (was 1-1TRX9H).

Generating a Consumer Web Service Descriptor (WSD) fails with a duplicate universal name exception.
When creating a consumer WSD from a WSDL that imports a set of schemas that Integration Server
imported previously while creating another consumer WSD, Integration Server does not create the
new consumer WSD and the following error occurs:
[ISC.0081.0004E] Duplicate universalName registered to a different service
, not this service . Unregister failed.
Integration Server now successfully creates a consumer WSD from a WSDL document that contains
schemas previously imported by Integration Server.

For More Information refer to the document “IntegrationServer_8-0_SP1_readme.pdf”.