Error while joining Territory

Hi All,

I have created two brokers broker#1 and broker #2 on the same localhost and i have created a territory A for broker #1 and when i assighn broker#2 to the same territory A i’am getting the following error.

Error: no broker client exists for broker “Broker #1”.

Any ideas,
Thanks in advance


Do you have access to broker administrator?
Try to create a client from your IS administration page to broker #1 and then join the broker #2.

Hi Jay,
Thanx it worked out

Hello Jaya,
How can we create a Broker Client from Broker Admin??? I thought we can create Broker Clients using Developer or Custom Java code. I checked Broker Admin and I don’t see an option there. Can you explain??


Hi Srikanth,
You cannot create a Broker Client from Broker Admin.