Error while enabling Polling Notification

I am getting the following error when trying to enable the Polling Notification.
As suggested in one of the topics, I copied wlclient.jar and wljmsclient.jar in C:\webMethods61\IntegrationServer\lib\jars folder. Even tested by installing JMS 6.1 Fix 3.
Still I am facing the same problem.

[ART.116.3038] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Error in Notification Callback:startupCallback notification topicNotification.
[ADA.680.1014] JMS Exception in (WmJMSUtils.createDurableSubscriber):
No store for durable consumer

Please help me in solving this issue.


can you provide the settings for your JMS-Connection used by your Notification as well as the complete Version-List for IS, Broker, JMS-Administrator and JMS-Adapter?

Can your provide the settings of JMS-Administrators page as well?

Where are your JMS-Objects stored? In BrokerJMS-Provider, WebLogic, …?