Error while doing HTTP Post to Client's SAP system from webMethods 6.01 IS


We have webMethods 6.01. We are doing an HTTP post to our client’s SAP system and we get the following error:
“ [ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: Invalid Session ID or Session Expired”

Later we disabled cookies on our Integration Server by adding the parameter to the extended settings.

Still the HTTP posts fails sometimes and sometimes the post happens successfully.

We get this error when the post is done automatically. When we later restore the pipeline and try to repost it manually, it works fine.

Can anybody help me out with the solution to this?

How are you posting documents using thru TN delivery or IS http service or SAP Adapter XML transport?

Please elaborate on your process information,doctype etc…


I am doing IS HTTP post from wM Developer. And this scenario arises only when simultaneously few documents are tried to post. For eg, In our backend SAP generates Invoices and sends to wM. From wM we post it to our client’s system. So whenever SAP sends several invoices at a time(at very less interval), all the posting fails except the last one. The last post happens successfully. We are posting to a URL using credentials. Will setting the cookie expiry date to an earlier date in the header of HTTP post solve the issue? What I feel is, several posts together tries to reuse the cookies. Please help.

Place the pub.client:http statement inside a REPEAT loop with a repeat on failure and some reasonable number of seconds for the repeat interval.