Error while deploying task

I am getting the following error while deploying a process model with tasks in it.

Warning: Did not deploy task to the task engine: WmTaskClient package is not configured with Task Engine URL on the Integration Server . Step ID: “S17” Step Name: “changeInput”

What part of configuration did I miss?

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Please check if you have configured TaskEngine URL in WmTaskClient package(hosted on your IS)

Configuring the WmTaskClient Package in Integration Server

IS Admin , Packages>Management

Home page of WmTaskClient(previously WmWFServlet)

Task Client configuration.
Task Server URL (my webMethods url, http://localhost:9191)
Task Server user name & pwd

Hope this helps.

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Hi, Deepa,

I got the same error in designer Version: and I’m pretty much sure I configured the WmTaskClient in my IS to point to My webmethods server already.

any suggestion?



If you have specified correct WmTaskClient configuration, you also need to make sure that the interface to Task Engine works. You could do that by executing pub.task.taskclient:getTask() service with some bogus taskID (leave other parameters empty). If package works you should receive meaningful error message from Task Engine about taskID being invalid.


Hi dmariapp.5356/All,

In my IS Packages > Management this WmTaskClient is not listed. Please let me know whether its an issue my image?