Error while creating java service

Hello All,
I am getting the following error when i try to create a java service.

error: unsupported encoding: Unicode

I know its problem with some settings.Can anybody help me out in this?:o

Thanks in Advance.

What are some of the details of the environment you are using.
IS server version?
Developer version?
Are you using external editor?
etc …

Maybe then someone will be able to help you. Good day.

Yemi Bedu

IS server version :6.5
Developer :6.5

No external editor is used.

please let me know any other details required.

Hope somebody might have faced the same pblm.
Please share.

Did you set the the ‘watt.server.compile’ and ‘watt.server.compile.unicode’ extended settings in the IS as indicated in the IS Installation Guide?

we are having two servers.

In other server its working fine with out any changes to the specified


I feel the problem is something else.