Error while creating Database alias


As part of “Creating a Web Service using a JDBC Database”, I’m trying to create the Database Alias
(follwing the tutorial webMethodsWebServicesDBQS46.pdf), I have supplied the following parameters required by the alias

DB URL : jdbc:oracle:thin:@tek260-2:1521:SESLIVE
DB Username : database user name
DB Password : database password
DB Driver : oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
Minimum Connections: 1
Maximum Connections: 4
Expiration Time (ms): 5
Loaded Drivers :

Its created the Datasource “EAI_MURALI” successfully, using the same alias when I try to get the tables(one of the connecton parameters) from the database an error window popup with the following error message

A Runtime Error has occurred. Do you wish to debug?
Error:‘tbodyNode’ is undefined

is there any problem with alias paramaters?

Please help me regarding this.

Thanks in advance,

Well, I wish I could offer you some help, only I just now got the exact same error.

I fixed my error.

Hi Hasseg,

I did not find any file under webMethods directory. So I copied file to webMethods/IntegrationsServer4/lib/ and webMethds/Developer/lib/ and tried to get the list of tables from the database through the 'table'(connecton parameter), but still I'm getting the same error message and "Could not connect: No suitable driver"  message on the Administrator webpages.

Did I miss some thing? Please help me.


try and unzip the oracle driver ( a suitable folder. This might help in loading the driver and sort out your problem.
i have tried this out and it works.
hope this helps