Error while connecting to dataqueues for as400 through webmethods

We have a custom integration with as400 where we send a request through dataqueues to the as400 system and then retrieve back the response from another queue. While receiving the response the webMethods flow service gets stuck and we have to terminate the thread to resume the integration back to normal. On reviewing one of the custom services on our side, we are seeing the attached error as in screen-print.

We use data-queue-operations.jar file for this integration which is imported to the (…IntegrationServer\instances\default\lib\jars)

Could anyone help with this issue?

Hi Ruturaj,

I believe this is not the issue. When you’re viewing the java code in designer, you’re doing debug/development on the client side. In this case you’ll need to ensure the required jar files are available in the classpath of the designer, not the server side path. For example, if you’ve written some java service and want to compile it, you’ll need to make sure you point your classpath to include the location where the library is for it to be able to resolve to the namespace and not throwing this error.

To debug the issue, I suggest you enable the logging level in server logger for AS400 adapter and see what other errors got trapped in error log.