error while configuring Oxygen


As I couldnt find a forum for Oxygen,Im asking you in this forum.Please excuse me if this is a mistake.

Im very new to tamino . I was trying to configure oxygen for tamino.

it is giving me the following message once the connection is created.

ERROR: “Could not instantiate: ro.sync.db.nxd.tamino.TaminoSession due to: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/softwareag/tamino/db/API/accessor/TXQTypeException”

I have provided TaminoAPI4J.jar and TaminoJCA.jar.

Can anybody please help me asap.

Thanks & regards,

Hello Vijayanand,
congratulations for choosing oXygen. It’s a good choice!

Actually it looks as if you missed one of the required configuration files.
Adding the file “TaminoAPI4J-l10n.jar” from the SDK folder of Tamino will probably help here. But this will only work with Tamino 4.4.1 and oXygen tools equal to or higher than version 8.0.

See oXygen URL →

One more: If you haven’t done this yet … you may also try loading oXygen plug-ins into Eclipse and work with Tamino from there …
Have success!

-= FJ =-

In order to configure the oXygen XML editor support for Tamino you must use the jar files from the version 4.4.1 of the Tamino database.

Please find below details about how to configure the Tamino datasource and connection:

There is also a video presentation of the Tamino support available in oXygen XML editor:

Thanks a lot.The information that you gave me helped me a lot.