Error when starting IS 6.1

Hii all,

Can anyone solve my porblem when i starting my IS 6.1 have errro like this :

2006-06-05 09:25:07 ICT [ISS.0025.0008C] State Manager started
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/crypto/f
at javax.crypto.Cipher.getInstance(Unknown Source)
at Sour
at Sourc
at java.lang.Class.newInstance0(Native Method)
at java.lang.Class.newInstance(
at Source)
at Source)


Hi ,
A couple of days back even I faced the same problem.
This may be due to the License Key Expiration.You can either get a new License Key or change your system date to the date before the date of expiration.
(simple thing is you can decrease the sys date by one year)


It’s not related to license keys. That error occurs when you attempt to use the IBM JVM 1.3.1 that contains some expired security related files. You need to move to a JVM without the expiry issue [generally Sun JVM 1.4.2].

For more info see:

<a href"http:="" />/">


Hii James,

how we can change the JVM to 1.4 in IS 6.1


Hii James,

Thank for your anwers problem solve.


I was receiving this same error. My server.bat was pointing to the JRE (1.4.2) that installed with IS 6.1 by default. I had previously installed JDK 1.4.2_04 and I think it was conflicting, commenting out the old JAVA_DIR and replacing it with that of the JDK allowed me to invoke the server.

rem SET JAVA_DIR=C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\jvm
SET JAVA_DIR=C:\j2sdk1.4.2_04