Error when invoke a webservice from Business Connector


we are using the SAP Business Connector as an interface between SAP and BEA Weblogic app.server. Basically it’s working, but for every SAP inbound that is transferd to invoke a webservice a error message is written in the log file, that looks like:

2008-01-18 19:54:21 CET com.wm.util.LocalizedException: [B2BSERV.0062.9001] Service record argument in RecordToDocument is null
… [the whole stack trace]

In the SAPBC web administration this message can be found in the transactions logs:

Confirm Event failed: com.wm.util.LocalizedException: [B2BSERV.0062.9001] Service record argument in RecordToDocument is null

Anybody who can give me a hint how to solve this problem?

Thanks & regards Tim

Could not tell whether IS / SAP BC is the consumer or provider of the web service. At any rate the Flow involved is invoking RecordToDocument with an empty document parameter.


In this case SAPBC is the consumer of a webservice that is provided by BEA WLI server. I used the WSDL generated by Weblogic Workshop to create a ‘web service connector’ in SAPBC Connector Developer, a SAP Inbound Map to a given SAP ‘Function Modul’ and a concatenating ‘Flow Service’. SAP Inbound Map → Flow Serviced → Web Service Connector.

OK, well step through the Flow service generated by the web service connector. If the invoked service is document/literal style you should see Flow statements extracting the body and converting it to a document. One of those is the likely culprit. That could be because the invoked service is not returned the expected result or because the generated Flow is wrong or both.

You’ll want to use some mature web service testing tool like CrossCheck SOAPSonar or Parasoft SOATest or at least a decent utility like SoapUI to test the BEA web service outside of IS/SAPBC.


Check the results from the web-service call. Most likely it is returning a NULL result.