Error when inserting a record into Tamino

Hi, I got this error when i tried to insert a record into tamino. My code is:

  public void insertRecord(Element element)<BR>	{ <BR>		try<BR>		{<BR>			TaminoClient tamino = new TaminoClient("http://localhost/tamino/aesdb/ino:etc");<BR>			tamino.startSession();<BR>			TaminoResult tr= tamino.insert(element);<BR>			tamino.commit(false);<BR>			tamino.endSession();<BR>		} <BR>		catch (TaminoError e)<BR>		{<BR>			System.out.println("Tamino Error Text: " + e.errorText );<BR>			System.out.println("Tamino Error Code: " + e.responseCode );<BR>		}<BR>		catch(Exception ex)<BR>		{<BR>			ex.printStackTrace();	<BR>		}<BR>	}

The error is java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/docuverse/dom/DOM

Anybody knows the reason?


In order to use the HTTP Client API for Java you need the following jar files in your classpath:
- taminoclient.jar
- domsdk.jar
- sax.jar
- w3cdom1.jar

From the error you get the domsdk.jar is not in the classpath. It can be found in the Tamino ‘bin’ directory.

hope this helps.