Error when compiling JavaServices

When I try to compile a simple JavaService on Developer 4.6, I get an error message that says that it can’t find a compiler…

The exact message reads:
“ B2BSERV.0014.9116] Unable to locate or start compiler”

I recently checked the CLASSPATH and even added a path statement to the tools.jar file, restarted, but the error persists.


I had the same message, but i saw a previous thread here and i found that i don’t had the jdk properly installed on IS and then i i needed to configure the Java_Root variable (server.bat) pointing to the jdk which has to be installed on the IS.

Read the thread at

Thanks Rob.

Make sure that the JAVA_ROOT environment variable is set in the script and is pointing to to the location of the java/jre directory.

The setting the Java_Root along with the path variable helps i also faced a similar problem of the nature but after i changed the Java_Root variable alone it did not work.
Then i changed my path variable to point to the jdk directory and it works.

thought i will update the thread.