error when calling webservice

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I call the webservice by .Net and webMethods webservice connector , both are OK. However, my part call webservice by c++, he get error saying java.lang.NullPointerException .
Below is my wsdl . you may save it as wsdl file and try to call it. Any body has experiece to call webservice by c++ ?
Pls check if there is any problem with my wsdl .Could you tell me the result of calling my webservice ? Thanks.

wsdl file is attached.
getData_Kewill.wsdl (2.9 KB)

Might want to check in some C++ forums, Microsoft has several good ones. One quick guess however, if your web service provider is throwing the Java null pointer error but only on the C++ call, then you probably are not passing in the soap message in the correct format with the correct content.

Easiest way to test that theory is to compare the C++ output of your soap call with that of what the interface is expecting or to the .Net and webMethods IS connector generated call. Use a third party tool to sit in between the provider and the consumer so you can look at the SOAP messages.

If you need C++ help though you need to head over to a different forum.