Error:Unable to enable connection


I am working on wM6.1 version.

  I am getting below error while trying to enable SAP adapter connetion. 

[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource Gne_Canonicals_SAP_FIN_Connections:connNode_SAP_BW.

[ART.118.5068] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Exception encountered processing enable connection callback method.
[SAP.103.9101] WmSAP Adapter: Error on initializing connection: Connection with alias SAP_BW is already in use, see node Gne_Canonicals_SAP_FIN_Connections:connNode_SAP_BW

Please let me know what I have to do.


Hi Bala,
Did you get any answer for you query posted.


Try changing the alias name and check if that works.

Also, check if the conn already exists( as it says in the msg).