Error: The join type specified is invalid. Step ID: "S58"

Hi, Getting below error while running a process model. Can you please let me know what could be the issue.

Error: The join type specified is invalid. Step ID: “S58”


Hi, Can someone please assist me on this.


Hi Anil,

please provide the screenshot with step variables displayed as well as the Properties tab for the Step S58 to see which Join Condition is specified. Provide the switch condition for the branches behind the “Assign To Risk Analyst” step.

Might be a good idea to explicitly specify input and output variables for each step.
The build log shows some messages regarding this.

Provide your wM Version for further analysis.


You need to set the join type in S58 to “unsyncronized or”

The reason being is that it has two inbound transitions, which are independent.


Thanks Holger and John. After adjusting join condition to Unsynchronized-or it got resolved.

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