Error Terminal Emulation Not Installed

I have been using SPOD for several years and a few weeks ago I started getting this message when accessing N2O and COMPAREC in SPOD (by typing N2O or COMPAREC on command line).


did you ever get this solved ? Somebody in our department started getting this error as well yesterday. Suddenly in the middle of the day after having run programs from SPoD the whole morning he was not able to do this anymore. The same error came up “Terminal emulation not installed” ??

Does anybody have any idea what causes this ?

I had a solution for this under 6.1 and I’m sure that it worked under 6.2, so it’s likely to work for 6.3.

. Uninstall the Natural client
. . HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\Software AG\Natural\6.x
. . delete Terminal Emulation
. Install the Natural client

There should be no ill effects on configuration files, customizations, FUsers, etc.

Thanks Ralph, I will give it a try…