Error rnif11utilverifySignature Error Could not authenticate sender id %3d %25senderId%25

We are running wM IS 6.1, I have recently setup a new partner profile and the partner is trying to send 7B1 and 3B2 documents using https protocol. The Public certificates of the partner are installed in the wM trusted certificate folders.

I am getting this error
“Error: rnif11.util.verifySignature(): Error – Could not authenticate sender id = %senderId%”

When I check the log-file, it says the DUNS number is not locatable. But the partner profile contains the same duns number and the profile is active

Please let me know what am I doing wrong or missing.

I think it might just be the simple matter of setting up a “client certificate” (in web administration screen) and mapping that to the partner’s DUNS #. That is, associating the certificate with the DUNS #.

Hi, I have a headache problem.
When I make Pips 3B2 sample using webmethods6.1, and send message using Modeler. I make two modeler. One is Pip3B2 Shipper Modeler, another is Pip3B2 Receiver Modeler. When I sent 3B2 from one IS to another. Pip3B2 Shipper Modeler can work, but Pip3B2 Receiver Modeler can not be triggered and work.
Why? Help me . Thank you!

I was heaving the same problem using http (so no s) connection. strange that besides fiiling the verivy tab one also needs to specify the client certificate. To my knowledge this is only needed for https.


Dave Walschot
EAI Developer
Accenture Techology Solutions