Error Reading Inbox Directory


I want to check file existence in a folder. When I tried to do it locally it works just file but when a tried to do it in a mapped network drive it doesnt work.

Error 'Could not run ‘Pervasive’ Error reading Inbox directory.

Please let me know if you can help me. Thanks

In the future you’ll want put your posts in the most appropriate discussion area rather than in this “New User Welcome and Introduction” area.

What product are you using? webMethods has several.

Thank you for the advice.

Im working with WebMethods Integration Server 7.2

I forgot to ask which platform. I’ll assume it’s Windows.

How are you executing IS? From the command-line or as a service? If it is as a service, IS will not have network access privileges. You’ll need to run the service under an account that has the appropriate privileges.

Im working with IS in windows and it is executing from a service
Im very new to webMethods, How do I change the priviliges for a specific services in webMethods.

The privileges you need to change are with the Windows service, not webMethods IS services. Refer to Windows docs, forums or a Windows sys admin for assistance in setting the wM Integration Server service to run under a domain/privileged account.