Error on removing Subscribe/Add to Favorites popup


I commented out the following piece of code from the ui/system/popups.jsp to remove the Subscribe and Add to My Favorites in the popup menu.

<% if="" (aliasExists(contextbean,="" “”))="" {="" %="">
addMenuItem(popupMenu, createMenuItem(“AddToMyFavorites”, “Add to My Quicklinks”, “javascript:doMenuAddToMyFavorites();”, null, true));
addMenuItem(popupMenu, createMenuSeparator());
<% }="" %="">

<% if="" (aliasExists(contextbean,="" “=”" />portlet/wm_subscription") &&; aliasExists(contextbean, “”)) { %>
addMenuItem(popupMenu, createMenuItem(“Subscribe”, “<util:message bundle=“core” key=“POP.013.0036” />”, “javascript:doMenuSubscribe();”, null, true));
<% }="" %="">

I am now getting javascript error on all the pages

‘null’ is null or not an object.

Is there any dependency I have missed out on.


An easier way to perform removal of these menus is to remove the system object that the popups.jsp is looking for.