JavaScript errors in views


We are getting a lot of JavaScript errors from the SAG js files.
Most are coming from file wm_cafshared/dyn/base.js. The errors are :

‘CAF.model(…)’ is null or not an object
‘m._body().firstChild’ is null or not an object
‘addEventListener’ is null or not an object

Does anyone know how we could find the source/fix these errors?
We already checked our JavaScript and it’s not generating errors. Also, all the CAF components we are using have id’s, either default either manually set.

We are using webMethods 7.1.3 and we already has several service requests and engineering fixes regarding JavaScript.

Thank you.


have you resolved this issue…?
since, I am also facing the same…

Unfortunately no.

From investigating we found that some of the errors come from modal dialogs and hideable panels components, from the internal SAG handling of the components.

The only solution we have and was suggested to us was a Service Request to SAG.

Some times these JS errors comes up when you navigate between different views.
If this is the problem, then check if you are using an async command icon to navigate to other view in the same portlet. If yes then please change it to command icon.

‘CAF.model(…)’ is null or not an object – This error could be, if you are using any CAF.model API and you are referring to a control on the page and that control is not rendered on the page.

Please let me know if the above are the causes of you are JS errors.



I am also getting the error “addEventListener is null or not an object”.

I am getting this error when i put the customscript control inside the table.

If any one solved the “addEventListener is null or not an object” issue.Please reply me the solution.


Is it possible to create a sample application that demonstrates this problem? I’m not sure what javascript you’ve added to the CustomScript control.