Error Number 5027 in Applinx 8.2.2

In moving an application from Applinx 5.2.5 to Applinx 8.2.2, besides all of the changes needed for path-based tables, etc., I have found that on a jsp page with a display table, (or it seems any page), when you press the enter key only, I get the following error in Applinx8 but not Applinx5:

Error Number: 5027
Error Message: Requested sequence number (19) to send data doesn’t match current sequence number (24)
The numbers being different for each page.

Does anyone know what a quick answer would be to this?

Hi Joe,

The error you’re getting implies that there’s a difference between the screen that the host is currently in and the screen the framework is in.
In your problem description you mentioned that you converted path-based tables.
It’s possible that the host ran or should have run a path to collect the table’s data and left the host on a screen and the framework wasn’t synced properly with the host. This sync is usually done by issuing a handleHostResponse command after running the path.

It’s really hard to give advices based on partial information, without being able to reproduce the errors or looking at the framework code behind them.
If this answer wasn’t helpful in guiding you to resolve this issue by yourself, please open a support request and make sure to include GXAR, GCTs, web application, screenshots, logs etc. to help us reproduce the problem offline in our lab.