Error no broker server found

Hi. I am trying to configure a broker in USA to talk to a broker in Australia. Both brokers are on Win2000 Advanced Server OS, running WM 6.1. From the WmBrokerAdmin tool, I have selected “Change Broker Server List”, and attempted to “Add a known server” by typing in the IP address of the remote broker, and its port (ie. host= <ip>, port = 6849). I then receive the following message - Error: no broker server found on host <host ip> port 6849. This happens from Aus to USA, and from USA to Aus. There is no firewall, we are on the same WAN, and each machine can sucessfully ping and telnet to the other machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated - I am completely stuck. Thanks!


Check in the “Discover Brokers on Host” about the remote broker and also initially attempt giving your IS hostname or IP in the “Add a known server” section.

Unless any thing is stopping in your network it should had listed your remote broker too.


Thanks RMG. I have tried both of these suggestions, using both IP and hostname, to no avail. The machines don’t seem to be able to see each other through the broker tools, however they can see/ping each other with no problems on the network level.

Thanks Austin. We have now resolved this issue. It turns out that the Brokers were timing out before they could connect with one another. Going into the BrokerAdmin–> Settings–> Connection menu and changing the “How long to wait for a new connection to a Broker Server” time from 5 seconds to 50 seconds has resolved the problem. Simple solution… took us ages to work it out! :o)


But 5seconds is prefarrable and we have the same and successfully connecting brokers in a territory.

Anyways glad you have resolved it.