Error message Dispatcher could not be initialized


I’ve got the following message when i start the IS :
“Unrecoverable Exception while initializing the Dispatcher: java.lang.NullPointerException”

and next one is :
“Dispatcher could not be initialized: [ISS.0098.9018] Unrecoverable Error while initializing Dispatcher: java.lang.NullPointerException”

has anybody ever encountered this error ?
seems it’s linked with a broker problem, the IS cannot see it anymore (when i publish a doc from developer i cannot publish it to the broker) ; and if I edit the broker settings here is what i see :

the ‘configured’ part is missing !
so i cannot set up the link from IS to broker anymore

the error apperead after a reboot ; no change of settings had been made since a lot of time, so i have no clue where it’s coming from

any help is welcome !

Have you changed the ip address or broker name to your broker? Check the dispatch.cnf file in your integration server config directory. Do the settings match where your broker really is located and named?


thanks Mark,

the dispatch.cnf happened to be nearly empty
i deleted it, restarted the IS
then in the edit mode of the broker settings i could set up my broker

restarted the IS and everything is back to normal

thanks for your help,