Error logs not displaying on IS but accessible from WMERROR file

I have noticed that Error Logs are not displayed on WM UI when the WMERROR file size exceeding 1GB.
Also noticed that the Error Log ‘Enabled’ option is changed to ‘No’ on the Settings → Logging.
Is there any restriction on the WebMethods WMERROR file size after which the logs does not show up on the Error Log page and also the logging option disables ?
I have enabled the logging to ‘Yes’ and restarted the server and a new WMERROR file has created and started writing errors, but still the error logs did not showed up on the UI.
Any advise on which an Admin should be doing in this situation ?

Hi Amarnath,

by default the Error logging is configured to database.

Is there any issue with your IS Core Audit database schema?

Which version of wM are you running on?

When Error Logging is configured to file it should be rolled over every day at midnight.