Error: [ISS.0069.0018W] No threads available to run task {2#Cron Daemon Pool}

We just upgraded from webMethods 6.5 to 6.5 SP2 Fix 4. We are still using JDBC 6.0.3 FP1 Fix 11.

JDBC polling notifications are now putting the following message in the server log file.

[ISS.0069.0018W] No threads available to run task {2#Cron Daemon Pool}(polling_notification_name_goes_here, 15.0, 1176294180060, running)

It seems like this error reoccurs several times every time the polling notification would run (every 15 seconds).

Looking at posts from Advantage, I changed my extended settings which did not seem to help.


Any ideas?

I don’t see that behavior with non-JDBC polling notifications (JMS) on IS 6.5 SP2 with only IS_6-5_SP2_WebSvcsXML_Fix2 applied. I am also using JDBC Adapter 6.03 FP1 Fix 11 but don’t have any polling notifications for that adapter.


This message seems tied to the polling notification. In fact, if I suspend many of them, the message doesn’t reappear in the server log.

We have one instance with no polling notifications and we do not get this message also.


I see the same message in the Server Log. If disabled, it disappers. As soon as we enable the polling notification, it starts populating the IS log with that error message and I cannot access JDBC Polling Notifications DSP page from browser.

  • Nilesh

What version of IS are you using?

We had no trouble on IS 6.5. The problem cropped up with SP2 Fix 3 (and Fix4) and IS_6-5_SP2_WebSvcsXML_Fix1.

We are using JDBC_6-0-3_FP1_Fix11.

I have a ticket open on Advantage. I hope they come up with something.

webMethods support has provided a debug fix that worked on all of my instances. Engineering is in the process of finalizing the fix.

I’d suggest opening an Advantage ticket to get the fix if you cannot wait. I do not have an ETA for public release.

Refer to SR 1-94051251.

Thanks for providing the update on this issue. Could you post the name for this fix when you get it?


Hi bpwrightusa,

I could not find any results while searching for SR 1-94051251 on advantage.
I also tried to access the article using the following URL



issue has been resolved by IS_6-5_SP2_ART_Fix3