Error invoking service, Async Route - Service did not return valid output


We have created two flow services, service A and B.

Service A call tn.receive.
and service B is called in TN processing rule(we have selected service execution task at processing rule action).

But whenever service A is triggered we get a docuemnt at TN, but the Service B is automatically executed for 5 times.

In TN Transaction analysis we can see the service B is retried for 5 times.

We are getting an Error when we see the activity log and the Error is:
“Task 5a7tk40v35g0lce6000000n0 failed at Apr 18, 2008 5:38:48 AM: Probable reason for failure - Error invoking service, Async Route - Service did not return valid output. 5 more retries left”.

Could any one suggest us what to do to get out of this situation.


This is typical behaviour of service execution task, it is used for retries, default value of retry is 5 but you can change that property. Are you trying to do retries ?

Have you tried doing this?

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I have tried all the ways, i have changed the partner profile setting for retry and kept the value of retry as 0.

I have also added a status output variable to “success” if the service executed successfully or set the value to “fail” if the service did not succeed.

But i can see in TN user status is “Success” then also its keep on retrying.


Still sounds like there is a problem with the flow not getting the status back to TN. The structure of the status variable should be in this form:

serviceOutput (idoc)
-----status (string variable)

See file attachment for a picture - status.jpg

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If you don’t want the retries, perhaps the simplest approach is to not configure it as service execution task. Configure it just as a sync service invoke.