Error in Trigger Filter

Hi all,
I have so many documents in my broker.I want to use filter to pick perticular document.I have to send that data into JDE.

Trigger Service:
Input is Publishble document and Out put is Business Function input document of JDE.

When i saw in Document Tracker That Prefix is UNISTRING.

Name:Prefix (i have to put filter on this)

Eroor In server Log:
[2987]2006-03-09 15:26:02 EST [ISS.0098.0061D] No condition matches in trigger

Filter in Trigger:
%H10[0]/Prefix%L_EQUALS “WADJ”
I used another way also %Prefix%L_EQUALS “WADJ”

Please clarify this error.

Thank you all inadvance

Kind of hard to tell completely based upon the information you provided, but here is one problem:

Filter in Trigger:
%H10[0]/Prefix%L_EQUALS “WADJ”
I used another way also %Prefix%L_EQUALS “WADJ”

The [] array can’t be used with a broker filter. It will store in the trigger filter on the IS buy not on the actual broker. If you go look at the client on the broker you will see that the filter is not there. Generally you want to store it on the broker because the performance is much better.

If you can post your document definition, might be able to tell you what else is wrong with your syntax. Post what is defined in IS not the broker.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for your reply.

I have four different Transactions, In each Transaction Only one field is different.So what i did is I prepared only one Dictionary ,schema and publishable document.From the VM i will get FTP’d file and I will pick that file and Publish.
While invoking those documents from broker i need to differentiate those 4 transactions, Invoke 4 different BF in JDE and send to JDE 4 different tables.

[12148]2006-03-10 11:31:37 EST [ISS.0098.0061D] No condition matches in trigger xxx.maps:adjustmentTrigger for document xxx.doc:Schema_InventoryDT with activation wm6507e7590b05311dab095e8d3a94f2c3b

This error is belongs Filter or ant other error.

could some one please help me on this error.

The error message you are getting is related to syntax error in your trigger filter. If you can post your document structure that the trigger is subscribing to along with what you are looking for, we can problably help with the syntax.

The error you are getting simply means the trigger evaluated the document and did not find a match for it. Is it the content of a field that is different or is it the presence of the field that is different for each trigger?

Also one flow service can handle all four transactions just branch on the content unless there is some reason you need to have them in separate queues and flow services.

Hi Mark,
There one document list(Header) which conains the Prefix field, Under this document list there is one more document list(Details) which contains the same Prefix.
structure as follows*

Document List(Header)
(Many more)
Document List(Deatils: this is under header only)
(Many more)

way of publishing to the broker(for this i am using the REPEAT and Iterator)
One header document and many document that many documents are publishing to the broker.

I hope you got my answer.


I would focus in on the error message. The meaning is the filter didn’t match that particular instance of the document. You header is a document list? Does it need to be?

To help you troubleshoot: 1: Remove the filter from the trigger 2: Turn on full auditing to your flow services 3: Run the documents 4: Go back an look at the auditing services that are suscribing to the documents, look at the actual structure of the data in the input pipeline. Does your trigger filter match the syntax of what is actually being sent?