Error in Trading Networks script execution

While executing the create scripts for Trading Networks product using Database Component Configurator we are seeing below error:

skipping component installed: tracking processing component not installed: TradingNetworks running create on component TradingNetworks, version latest error: basepoint not found for component: TradingNetworks (TNS), dir: /var/www/webmethods105/common/db/bin/./…/…/…/common/db/TradingNetworks/TradingNetworks/scripts #children: 20, version: latest

Hi Prasantarmaye,

can you provide us the TN version and the Database Component Configurator (for both parts: Client and Scripts), please?

Which database type are you using?

Please remember that on 10.5 you will require a fix if you want to use the UI based configurator as this was missing in the original GA version of the DB configurator tool.

At least in UI variant, you can choose between components and products for the creation of the database schema.
I prefer using the products as these are bundling all the neccessary components needed for each schema, for TN the product consists of TN Server and TN Archiving component as well as those components which are mandatory for every schema.


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Hi Holger,

I am using 10.5 version of TN and Database Component Configurator(DCC). I have chosen the option of product and selected Trading Network through the UI variant of DCC. This should select all the required components automatically. But still, I see the above-mentioned error. May I know which fix has to be applied if any?


Hi Prasantarmaye

When you install WM products , along with DCC you will also need to install Database Scripts for Trading Networks. This error seems to be due to missing TN db scripts

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Hi Manish,

I do have the scripts in place, after installing TN fixes now for 10.5 version the error has vanished.


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