Error in TN Console 46 with Oracle 9 and Sequelink 53

Hi all, i’m currently using IS 4.6 and TN, with an Oracle DB v. 8i and sequelink 5.3, and the DBA wants me to change to Oracle DB v. 9.

I installed IS and TN in another machine, with the same configuration, but using in this case Oracle 9, every thing was ok, even sequelink connect fine to this new database, but when i try to connect the TN Console after the login, i got this error: “Handshake failure: You are trying to connect to a server running an incompatible version of SequeLink Server.” together with “There was a database error fetching the model version information from your database.”

Do you have any idea about this?, or maybe i need to use sequelink 5.2 with Oracle 9 ?

Thanks in advance.