Error in starting the TN console

Hi all,
Have anybody faced this error before?
I have been working with the console for months and today I am getting this error when opening the console.

We are connecting to remote machine, and my colleagues here dont face the problem.

“Error saving server list to file.” (Error Code: TRNCONS.000000.000110)
“Fatal Internal Error: Service ClassLoader will not initialize
Please contact webMethods Customer Service with this error”

I guess its a problem with my machine, but have no clues to rectify it.

Krithiga M

What is your IS/TN version?

check this thread:

Also try restart your system and try opening with console.bat if that rectifies:


Thanks for the update.
But the article does not say about a solution to rectify at my end.
I am using webMethods 6.5

Even I tried using the .bat file but no luck.

Is there any other solution for this, as you know?

Krithiga M

Is anything else changed on your system since last working?