Error in Parsing a Flat File


I am trying to parse a Flat file but getting the following error “Parsing Error” :confused: i am confused please help.

The File Structure is given in attachment as well as the field structure and the schema defenation.

Please take a look and let me know if i am missing something.

Shaazy :slight_smile:

Can you try once with new flatfile test data and make sure you are not giving more than one new line or space while creating flatfile test data.

create a schema with no record identifier…
Create a flat file dictionary with no record identifier and use it in schema…

You can find the flat file schema guide in documentation folder under integration server folder.

PDf name is Flat_File_Schema_Developers_Guide.pdf and it will be inside “_documentation\Developer\Guides” may differ on your IS.

You can use this attachment & see, whether the flat file gets parsed.
Just a try.
sample1.txt (60 Bytes)