Error in messaging triggers


I have created a simple BPMS service to receive a publishable document. The message gets published to Nirvana successfully and I am able to see it in the nirvana console.

But, the document cannot be received by the BPMS process. The messageEvent does not seem to read the message from the queue.

On checking the “webMethods Messaging Trigger Controls” section, I get the following error. com.pcbsys.nirvana.client.nChannelNotFoundException: Channel could not be found on the server:Find : /wm/is/wm/prt/status/ChangeCommand : [0] class RequestID:1138

How can this error be resolved? Is this related to non-receipt of messages?


Please try once, by syncing all asserts between IS and UM.
Generally, this might be due to out of sync of asserts.

Hope, this will solve the issue.

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Just Right Click on the publishable Document and click on Sync Document Type.
Also ensure the Subscriber Service has input as Full name of the publishable Document Type.

Just to extend the Sushant reply

Using the Designer -> Select the Document (Publishable=True) -> Right Click (Sync Document Type) -> select this one and popup will come then you can push the document by clicking Synchronize.

Hope it will help to someone.

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Well this just happened to me as well. They syncing worked, thanks team!!