Error in IS logs


Any Idea for what reason we are getting this error. Is it broker related error?

[498]2013-10-03 13:40:57 BST [LGU.0002.0002I] Error getting log events: The request timed out.

Satish Devineni

This is a Logging Utility error, possibly for
one of these reasons: (1) the Broker is down, (2) the Brok
er is no longer connected to Integration Server because
the network is down, or (3) the request to the Broker
timed out because the Broker host machine is overloaded.

Make sure the Broker is running.
If the Broker is on a different machine than Integration Server,
make sure the network link between the two machines
is up. Make sure the machine on which the Broker is
running is properly configured with enough memory and CPUs.


Thank you Srinivas for your reply.

Do you have the logging utility package enabled and it should be related to the Broker…can you check more in your env settings related to the messaging or MWS Broker Admin thru also?