Error in IS 601 consuming Siebel 75 webService

After parsing the WSDL in Developer and all the documents and webServices Connectors are successfully created, I am having this annoying problem.

I am able to see in the console (debug) the SOAP request and response with the correct data from Siebel, but then the Developer (where I am testing the service) fails on the soapRPC step (inside the generated webService connector). [ISS.0088.9139] Output parameters do not conform to targetOutputSignature:
errorMessage=[ISC.0082.9035] Value cannot be null, allow null value is false

Even thinking that the corresponding output document was created automatically and because of this was well constructed, I selected the “Allow nulls” on the structure name on the output document.

Now the results are even more surprisingly… the service does not fail but the structure comes null!!! The SOAP Response (XML) continues to be OK.

Any ideias?
I seem to be in trouble every time the WSDL has complex types involved!

See the WSDL file to get an ideia…

wsdl file
Account.WSDL (23.0 k)

The debug output…

SOAP Request and Response
SOAP.txt (9.5 k)