Error in export in TN

Hi All,

I’ve got this error when trying to do export from TN Console: Can not set security data for VerifyCertificateSet: certificate not trusted by Integration Server. Please obtain a Certificate from one of the following Certificate Authorities: …

The pop-up dialog box that does the component selection for export becomes empty.

Any idea what happenned?


Any updates/changes to your IS/TN environment before this error occured??


We renewed the certificate in TN and changed the certificate in the "Security > Certificates " section in the IS.

The certificate in TN can be used to communicate with trading partners, so shouldn’t be a problem. What I found is the “Signing CA’s Certificate”, “Server’s Private Key” and “Server’s Signed Certificate” in IS seems to be invalid. (simple check by just trying to open them in Exploerer.)

Could any of these be the problem?

Could it be…Did you checked with your wM admin?? but i have never seen export option leads to this problem when certificates are invalidity…

It turns to be some certificate problems within the TN-DB.

It seems like the database doesn’t get cleaned properly when the certificates were updated/removed.

There’s a tool in advantage to check this:
Once found, the invalid certficates have to be removed.