Error in Conversation Script

I get this error, it looks like the seller receiving the RNIF document can not process it and throws an exception, but I do not know why.
Anyone see this before?

“General Exception” received from trading partner DUNS: 123456789
Global Message Exception Code: UNP.MESG.GENERR
Pip Number: P31
Reason: Received out of band document with the instance id – 0a000051f70d9c2500000227

“Reason: Received out of band document with the instance id – 0a000051f70d9c2500000227”

Reason for this exception might be TN received the Duplicate document with same conversationID and conversation step triggered “” and which thrown this general exception.Pls check whether you might have received the same document earlier or might be some thing missing in the received PIP document itself.



I also encouter the same error. Unable to send receipt ACK after receiving 3A4C exeption as follows.






    <FreeFormText>Error during unpackaging -3101_chk0001 -- Incorrect data content</FreeFormText>



<GlobalExceptionTypeCode>Receipt Acknowledgment Exception</GlobalExceptionTypeCode>

Please help. Thanks.