Error importing WSDL via ImportWsdlService


using SOAPUI to import WSDL into an existing service failed with the following error.
Caused by: HTTP 403 Forbidden: <1> cid:1169396782050 myMulplyInt2 WSDL Org1 service

Found the problem. The locationCentraSite element must be WebDAV location and it must cover “/CentraSite/CentraSite”. You can actually traverse the valid WebDAV path to find

http://localhost:53305/CentraSite/CentraSite/ <1> cid:1169396782050 myMulplyInt2 WSDL Org1 service

The response from SOPAUI


bad news guys.

The modified WSDL did not get updated… (modified=false). I check the WSDL via “download document” or WSDL link… not changed :frowning:
selected items…[com.centrasite.control.registry.items.ServiceItem@5a2d40bf [name=myMulplyInt2] [key=uddi:f26d691b-7c71-11e0-a5f3-dcc8731da3a3;modified=false]]
selected obj…com.centrasite.control.registry.items.ServiceItem@5a2d40bf [name=myMulplyInt2] [key=uddi:f26d691b-7c71-11e0-a5f3-dcc8731da3a3;modified=false]

I think this is it…

The original attachment of WSDL was done via HTTP (refer to error before). So we need to be consistent with how we attach the WSDL

Try ImportWsdlService webservice again with importWSDLviaHTTP operation – works!! – so we must be consistent with how we attach the WSDL.





Try CentraSite Contro and attach modified WSDL via URL also works.

I will try to the FILE method soon with both CentraSite and web service - importWsdlService.importWSDLwithAttachment operation.

Sorry guys… I am very new to this. ImportWsdlService will create a new service with WSDL attached if the service does not exist. Otherwise, it will update the service with the modified WSDL. I tried with the importWSDLviaHTTP only. I will try the importWSDLviaAttachments soon.