Error handling in CAF for error returned by IS services

We are using CAF portlets as frontends for some IS services.
Errors thrown from inside the IS service cause a prominent display in the heading line of the portlet but the error message is quite technical and cryptict, even if the message thrown on the IS side was populated with a proper message. Using output fields in the IS service can transport a proper message, but per default it is not displayed in a separate error field.

What are your experiences and best practises to return error messages to the users of a portlet?


Try to use one default sequence in every IS service and set property “Exit on” to Done. In the sequence always return a string variable.

Hope you are using Try Catch blocks, if so then if service fails assign a proper message to the string(in default sequence) and return it.

So that you can display that message on Screen.

Hope this helps,

Sunil Kumar N

Returning a string variable and having try catch blocks is what we are currenlty doing. But mapping this to a standard text control does not gice the prominent attention the standard error box of MWs is giving. So the intention of my posting was:
How do other handle the returns of IS service and are the bets practises in errot handling, especially in making a prominent diplay in case of error.
Are there way to get a proper display of exception messages returned by IS.