Controlled Error and Message handling

Hi i think this is a concept Question so i think this would be the right Board.

I want to know how the people around here handle Errors and Messages in Subprogramms which also should be a part of the Result a Function gets back. I think this is a very interesting Concept which Natural didn’t handle good enough. (Like Java Exceptions Stack or other Languages)

First i don’t want to know something about natural build in On-Error Concept because it could not be used good over platforms if you use platfom independend (EntireX) Modules.

We talked very much about the “right” use in our Company and don’t get the “right” solution. Now we use a Father-Son Concept which have a 4x78 Byte Error-Text and an Error-Code which is divided into Errors, Run OK and Messages. (Concept is some years old and was first invented at Batch-Programms)

What do you think is the “best” solution for this Concept? Or is it an other Concept?