Error HAAXJE8400


I’m using InoAppendChild. I have install NodeLevelUpdate.
It runs well in several PC, but I have one PC that this method generate follow error:
HAAXJE8400 HTTP Error 500 Server error
that is not defined into Tamino help.
what this error means ?

This error is generated when an HTTP status code >= 300 is received. Is the NodeLevelUpdate(NLU) DLL running on another PC? Is there just one instance of NLU in the scenario you are describing - i.e. multiple PCs accessing one NLU?

The scenario is one PC with Tamino server, IIS and NLU.
I have three PC`s in the same way, and only one generate the error. Perhaps IIS configuration ?

Just out of interest do you have the same MSXML3/4.DLL on each of the boxes accessing Tamino?

Yes, I have the same MSXML and the version is 3.0

Is that plain old MSXML3 or MSXML3 SP1 or MSXML3 SP2? Are the datetime stamps + version numbers (explorer->properties->version) the same on each MSXML3.DLL? The reason I ask is that the ActiveX control uses the IXMLHTTPRequest interface from the MSXML DLLs to do the communications.

Is MSXML 3.0 SP2.

There is this message:

"POST /scripts/NodeLevelUpdate.dll /Scripts/modiis.dll/tamino/vod02/AnnotationTool 500 126 89 612 0 HTTP/1.1 localhost Tamino+ActiveX+Control/IE5.0"

in the IIS log file.


Are you sending the same requests from each of the PCs accessing Tamino? Is the HTTP 500 immediate or does it take some time? Does NLU continue working after the HTTP 500?

I’m sending the same request.
Error is immediate.
The HTTP 500 is always generated when I use NLU


Older NLUs only ever produced HTTP 200. The newer ones should only produce HTTP 200 or HTTP 400. It looks like it is IIS but I am unable to explain why.

Ok, don’t worry
I try config IIS in several ways.
Thanks for all.