Error/Exception Alerting

I’ve just started at a new company and their current error/exception alerting is via debugLog… Kabana is not installed.
Does anyone have any recommendation for putting in place an alerting mechanism that doesn’t involve emails flooding my inbox ??

Any help is very appreciated,

Hi David,

one option might be to prepare a processing rule in mailclient which moves all mails from the alerting into a project specific folder.
You can then check this folder for alerts.

One the other side you might want to check for Optimize (for Infrastructure and/or for Process) by using SNMP-Traps to provide alerts by an external monitoring system like Tivoli or Patrol.


Different ideas:

  1. post critical errors to a Slack / Teams channel while warnings etc. land in a folder filtered via outlook rule (still emails but less)
  2. install splunk and still receive emails
  3. install the full ELK stack and still receive emails

In the end you will need some kind of notification which in most cases will be - no surprise - an email or a chat message.

What I did was writing an easy python script that tails the logs and posts a new message to a designated MS Teams channel in the case of an [ERROR] -> less emails, still spam.