error creating webservice provider


We have some “old” flow services, developed under wm 7.x versione

We have a requirement to expose service as an webservice, current version of IS 901

When creating the wsd provider we get following error:

The field contains an XML Namespace property but the field name does not contain a prefix

It seams that this is caused by some fields in the flow service input having xml namespace property set

I would like to undestand why this is causing the problem and what should be the best way to expose flow as a webservice using varibles under namespace.

Thank you

Click the field and set the XML namespace property in Properties for each field which contains a prefix.

More detail please refer to document webMethods_Service_Development_Help -> Working with Web Services -> Using XML Namespaces with Prefixes with Fields in Service Signatures

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In our case document already has an xml namespace property.

When i said “old style” I refer to services & documents from 7.x version where variable prefix was NOT required…

After 8.x version I think that variable prefix was introduced, however we still have a very large number of documents that are not using prefixes for variables.

SAG documentation requires an xml namespace to be specified IF variable prefix in present, but on the contrary is not required.

The limitation is involved when creating a provider wsd using a document type with namespace. However it is not clear to me how prefix is actually used, when transforming XML/SOAP to IData just namespace information is used not the variable prefix.

Why prefix is required then as mandatory? How to expose existing services as webservice, is a service wrapper required or are other best practices?

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Yes prefix is mandatory if the WS requires it and how did you create the schema/DT orginally?

Also regarding IS9.x you may need to contact SAG support also and take advise if there is any work around for this issue.


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