Error code -4228 and SQLSTAGE=null

I have a JDBC adapter connection of local transaction type, this connection is having pool size of 75 and timeout of 30000 msec. This is something unusual which i recently seeing that the connection failing with Error code -4228 and SQLSTAGE=null. seeing this error code I am not able to figure out, is this is DB2 issue or issue with adapter connection.

The transaction what is failing is of SELECT type, and they are getting executed fine in later calls.

I am using webMetods 7.1.2 Version.

Please share thoughts why this error whould be appearing?

Try out following

run the query maually on the database editor and see if any results are fetched

in case results are fetched, it is issue with adapter other wise check SQL query with DBA Team and follow the same process again,still if you receive the same error,it is the issue in database

Check below link which gives you more info


Is this issue resolved?

If yes can you update this thread back on the resolution steps?